Graphic design

Logo MissPixel

Phoxit corporate identity

Design: 2015
Client: Phoxit

Phoxit is a company based in The Netherlands dedicated to event productions. It has a side activity in DevOps engineering. Both services are distinguished by colour in the corporate identity. The logo’s graphic tweak refers to the world of event productions.


  • Analysis of the company, strategy and target
  • Graphic concept development
  • Grafisch design
  • Prepress
  • Graphic design
  • Logo
  • Business cards
  • Events
  • Productions
  • IT
  • Technology

Portfolio / Graphic design

Phoxit corporate identity
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Multi party invitation
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Wedding invitation family Boot
Wedding invitation Claire
Nieuw Geluid logo

About MissPixel

Global entrepreneur

Based in Barcelona and working in the cloud, I love international flavoured collaborations. I’m fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French, like to travel and am curious about different cultures. Your project can be discussed in your office enjoying a cup of tea or we can set up a Skype call. There's always a way to communicate!


In 1998, I earned my bachelors in graphic design in Breda, The Netherlands. Just as the internet bubble formed, I moved to Spain and eagerly studied web design and interfaces on my own. Now, I combine design with teaching, as I love to share my knowledge with students and clients alike. A full work history can be found at MissPixel’s Linkedin profile.


The joy of work is in the balance: organising and taking care of customers in the user experience field, mathematical challenges in HTML coding and composing bright colourful palettes on screen and paper.
These three perspectives harmoniously come together into one goal: making people happy with useful and beautiful designs. Boy, do I love my job!