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Ikea’s community
‘El hogar de…’ (‘The home of…’)

Launch: 2008
Client: Herraiz Soto for Ikea

In 2008, Ikea was the first Spanish company who published a social network linked to a brand: ‘El Hogar’ (‘elhogar.de’, translated from Spanish: ‘thehome.of’). Within this network, the user (‘neighbour’) created a home that he could share with other ‘neighbours’, in order to exchange design ideas. Besides the many ‘homes’, there was a section dedicated to ‘expert information’, similar to do-it-yourself-tips, that could be consulted by users.
One year after the initial launch, Ikea reported that 200.000 conversations had already taken place in their ‘homes network’.

When I worked at Profesionalia, a company specialised in professional networks, we were asked to take part in this project by Herraiz Soto, an interactive agency. The concept, strategy and graphics was done by the agency; while we focused our efforts on community development. My particular role was to manage the information architecture and usability.

Goals were to obtain users (‘residents’), brand binding and content generation by its users. The network had to serve as an alternative publicity channel.

It was a long and encompassing project, but the inspiration generated between our team and the creative agency was exceptional.

The launch in 2008 was covered by several online press channels among others El Publicista.

Tasks within the project

  • Inventory of the key features, proposed by the creative team
  • To pass on usability norms to the creative and technical team
  • Interaction design: navigation systems and forms, workflow development, design of (more than 300) wireframes
  • User tests
  • Assistance in graphic interface design
  • Development of the project’s documentation, containing interaction and graphic design norms
  • Usability
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Community design
  • Social networks
  • Leisure
  • Lifestyle
  • Decoration
  • Interior

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About MissPixel

Global entrepreneur

Based in Barcelona and working in the cloud, I love international flavoured collaborations. I’m fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch, German and French, like to travel and am curious about different cultures. Your project can be discussed in your office enjoying a cup of tea or we can set up a Skype call. There's always a way to communicate!


In 1998, I earned my bachelors in graphic design in Breda, The Netherlands. Just as the internet bubble formed, I moved to Spain and eagerly studied web design and interfaces on my own. Now, I combine design with teaching, as I love to share my knowledge with students and clients alike. A full work history can be found at MissPixel’s Linkedin profile.


The joy of work is in the balance: organising and taking care of customers in the user experience field, mathematical challenges in HTML coding and composing bright colourful palettes on screen and paper.
These three perspectives harmoniously come together into one goal: making people happy with useful and beautiful designs. Boy, do I love my job!